Dreaming of that trip where you fly away to an amazing city, rent a car, and then drive through the countryside to explore? A fly & drive vacation can take you so many places, and usually many places in one trip.  You can drive from town to town, mountain to mountain, lake to lake, city to city, and so on, as you explore at your own pace and your own budget. Journey Your Way can plan your perfect fly & drive vacation.

Custom Planned Fly Drive Vacations

Fly & Drive Vacation Your Way

It does sound romantic, to drive through an unknown region as you explore some amazing sites. But the romance is only there if your fly & drive vacation is planned ahead of time in order to reduce chances for problems. At Journey Your Way, we listen to your fly & drive vacation dreams, and put together an amazing itinerary just for you, and customize every aspect you want personalized. That way, when you get on the road, you don’t have to do much figuring out, you can just follow the plan and see all you want to see.

Fly & Drive Vacation Destination Ideas

England & Scotland

It may be a bit challenging to drive on the left side of the road and encounter a plethora of round-a-bouts, but the rewards of a fly & drive vacation to Scotland and England far outweigh those challenges.

American Southwest

Visit the four corners, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Zion, Monument Valley, Carlsbad Caverns, and great towns like Taos, Sedona and Pueblo on your customized fly & drive tour of the Southwest.

The Baltics

Known as the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania not many years ago lived under the repressive and impoverished Russian fist, but today they are healthy, vibrant and growing western destinations to explore.

Pacific Northwest

Start in Seattle or Portland, and wind your way through this wonderful region of the United States on a fly & drive vacation visiting Olympic National Forest, Mt St Helens, Mt Ranier & a magnificent coastline.

Spain & Portugal

Spain is a large country with a multitude of sites to see and explore, and it’s neighbor to the west, Portugal, is no different. From Barcelona to Madrid, and Porto to Santiago de Compostela, Iberia beckons.

Bavaria & the Alps

Munich is the perfect launch point to explore Bavaria and the German Alps. After a visit to the famous Hofbrauhaus, get on the autobahn and head south and the Alps will rise up in front of you in majesty.


From Sicily to Venice to Rome and the Vatican to Florence to Amalfi Coast to the Italian Lakes region, Italy provides the fly & drive traveler with countless opportunities for amazing exploration.


Done by many using motor-coach, Ireland is best seen by car. Driving may be a bit of a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, the countryside of Ireland welcomes you with grace and grandeur.

Your Fly & Drive Vacation Your Way Awaits!

Are you ready to start planning your Fly & Drive Vacation Your Way? A Vacation Artist at Journey Your Way is ready to be your total Fly & Drive Vacation concierge.  Contact us today using the form below and let us know when it is most convenient to call you, we will confirm via e-mail, and then reach out at the agreed upon time and date.