Do you like to travel on the edge?  Are you a ‘try new things’ and ‘push your limits’ kind of traveler?  If so, an Adventure Vacation may be the right choice for you. There are so many Adventure options around the world to choose from – it’s best to have some help to navigate through these choices.  Journey Your Way offers you a fully customized Adventure Vacation you will never forget!

Adventure Vacation Custom Planning

Adventure Vacation Your Way

With the Journey Your Way personalized service and customized planning you can turn your adventure vacation into a marvelous experience.  Journey Your Way can create a custom adventure vacation finding your perfect destination, adding private or small group tours, professional guides, transportation options, flights, event tickets, dining reservations and more. Let the Journey Your Way Vacation Artist craft your perfect Adventure Vacation.

Adventure Vacation Destination Ideas


Cruise to Antarctica on an expedition ship and sail among the ice covered islands & visit the penguins that thrive in this often harsh climate. Visit the far southern part of South America as well on your journey.

The Himalayas

Explore the Himalayas region with a customized or escorted journey through Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & the Brahmaputra valley of India. These high-elevation destinations are brimming with unique culture, flora and fauna!

Machu Picchu

Don’t just visit the famed archaeological site of Machu Picchu, hike to it!  There are some excellent opportunities to explore the Andes mountains on a hiking adventure on your way to the cathartic Machu Picchu in Peru.

Okavango Delta

Go camping in the Okavango Delta of Botswana!  This is a destination roads don’t reach so you will have to fly in a small plane to access this ecological treasure of Africa. Camping is common here from basic to luxury.

Alpine Skiing

Visit the famous and breathtaking Alps of Europe in the winter for a true adventure sport experience. Ski slopes that would dwarf many other ski spots around the globe as you take in the beauty of a stark, cold, nature.

Upper Mekong River

Set sail on a river cruise like no other on the Upper Mekong River as it winds it’s way through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and China. On this river cruise luxury is replaced by adventure and relax replaced by action!

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains raise up from the prairies of the west with a trove of action-filled adventure waiting for you.  Explore this rich region of the USA  offering hiking, rafting, climbing, and other activities your sure to love.


Travel the distance to Finland and explore the famous region of Lapland. Go in the winter for extra adventure while you dog sled, visit reindeer, and sleep under the magical and mystical northern lights!

Your Adventure Vacation Your Way Awaits!

Are you ready to start planning your Adventure Vacation Your Way? A Vacation Artist at Journey Your Way is ready to be your total Adventure Vacation concierge.  Contact us today using the form below and let us know when it is most convenient to call you, we will confirm via e-mail, and then reach out at the agreed upon time and date.