Tips for Currency Planning & Conversion Rates

Traveling abroad?  Visiting one, two or three different countries on your next Journey Your Way?  It is best to plan your foreign currency needs before you depart so that you are sure to have the funds needed for anything that may come up during your trip.  Although credit cards are widely accepted worldwide, there will always be instances where cash is king on vacation. You will want to plan your currency exchange transactions to minimize risk and exchange fees, and maximize your convenience.  Here are a few tips regarding currency planning and conversion rates that will help save you some time, headaches, and potential frustrations.


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Plan Ahead

Make sure you plan ahead for your currency needs.  There is nothing like being short on cash funds when you need them, and having to scramble to figure out how to get them.  It is better to have more than less, and earlier than later.

Credit Cards are Great

Use your credit cards!  It is a good idea to use a credit card where you can on your trip.  Not only is this convenient, but it is also a good way to get the best currency conversion rates available typically without transaction fees.

When to Convert

Be careful if you wait until you arrive in a destination to convert. You may arrive on a holiday or weekend when banks and conversion spots are not open. Be aware of local customs and rules and make sure you plan accordingly.

ATM’s Everywhere

There are typically ATM machines in some format in most countries around the globe. Check your ATM card to verify the ATM group you can use, and look for machines that show that group. This is a good way to get cash as needed.

Before You Depart

You will typically be happier upon arrival in your destination if you planned ahead and got some cash before your departure. Go to local bank and place order for some currency. This way you will have what you need and prevent arrival stress.

Small Bills

Often with currency exchange you end up with lots of larger bills that in some destinations are very hard to break. For some reason noone ever has change.  Hmmmmm…..  So try to break large bills when you can!
Foreign currency planning