City life – full of action, culture, diversity, and life!  A perfect way to spend some much needed vacation time – join the millions that call amazing cities of the world their home.  Experience the excitement of theater, art, architecture and sport. Enjoy a plethora of gastronomic delights where melting pots of people from around the globe come to establish restaurants. Live it up – visit a city today!

Custom City Stay Vacation Planning

City Stay Vacation Your Way

With the Journey Your Way personalized service and customized planning you can turn your city stay vacation into a magnificent adventure.  Journey Your Way can create a custom city stay vacation combining more than one city, adding private or small group tours, professional guides, transportation options, flights, event tickets, dining reservations and more. Let the Journey Your Way Vacation Artist craft your perfect City Stay Vacation.

City Stay Vacation Ideas


With so much to do in London your city stay here could last weeks! Visit the Royal’s at Buckingham Palace, take in a show in the West End, journey high on the London Eye, or just stroll the streets to find hidden treasures.

New York City

Known for it’s magnificent theater district, New York City offers the traveler a a world class destination. Dine in famous restaurants, shop in famous stores, visit famous museums, and walk famous parks – all in NYC!


Paris – the City of Lights. During the day it is a breathtaking array of architecture, culture, and gastronomy.  At night, the lights come on and this cosmopolitan center of Europe comes even more alive.


The Windy City on Lake Michigan, Chicago is a beacon of the mid-west that has become a melting pot of cultures. Enjoy a thriving theater scene, as well as world-famous museums and restaurants.

Rio de Janiero

Rio, this recent Olympic city, is the vibrant and exotic center of Brazilian life, is home to the world famous Copacabana beach neighborhood, exciting entertainment options, and a night life like no other.


Ancient history abounds in Rome in the famous Roman Colosseum and surrounding archaeological masterpieces. It is also a religious center home to Vatican City, the Catholic seat and home of the holy father.


Famous for it’s Red Light District and legal marijuana, Amsterdam is so much more! Enjoy amazing museums like the Anne Frank House, outstanding restaurants of world cuisine, and shopping till you drop!


When you visit Toronto, you come away amazed at this cosmopolitan treasure just a short drive or flight north of the US.  An active theater scene is the hub of cultural Toronto where people the world over call home.


On the east coast of Spain near the Pyrenees mountain range Barcelona sits on the Mediterranean Sea welcoming visitors the world over to enjoy it’s vibrant, colorful, and unique culture.


The center of Japanese culture and a hub of the Asian continent, Tokyo offers it’s visitors a unique look at such a fascinating culture from it’s theater to it’s culinary treasures to it’s entertainment sites.


Visit down under with a city stay in Sydney and live the life of an Aussie. Visit the world famous Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House, roam the neighborhoods for unique shopping finds, and dine in world famous restaurants.


Prague, in the Czech Republic, is an amazing destination for a city stay vacation. Explore this magnificent city, once closed by the Iron Curtain, now open and thriving with a rich history and colorful present.


Come to Budapest to learn about the history and culture of Hungary’s capital. Formally two cities across the River Danube, Buda and Pest came together to form one cosmopolitan center of Eastern Europe.


Sweden is a magical country and Stockholm the center of it! Enjoy a Scandinavian city stay vacation in Stockholm.  Visit palaces, museums, shops of the Old Town, & mingle with a friendly people in Stockholm.

Los Angeles

Beyond the theme parks, the City of Angels is home to exciting neighborhoods like Hollywood, Brentwood and Venice Beach. Here you can dine, shop and experience art, history and culture like no other.


The center of culture in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to thriving neighborhoods with an organic sense of welcoming. Experience the museums, architecture, and shopping and dining options that make Seattle the place to be.

Your City Stay Vacation Your Way Awaits!

Are you ready to start planning your City Stay Vacation Your Way? A Vacation Artist at Journey Your Way is ready to be your total City Stay Vacation concierge.  Contact us today using the form below and let us know when it is most convenient to call you, we will confirm via e-mail, and then reach out at the agreed upon time and date.