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by the Vacation Artists at Journey Your Way

What is a Vacation Artist?

When our team members talk to people that don’t know what they do and they tell them they are Vacation Artists – they usually get strange looks and some ‘whatcha talkin’ about’s’.  But being a Vacation Artist and not just a travel agent or travel adviser, is reflective of our team’s passion for travel, dedication […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Way

There are a bunch of great reasons to Journey Your Way, but we asked some of our recent travelers and here are the top 5 reasons they said were most important to them. 5.  No booking fees – Many travel agents charge booking fees for items like airline tickets where their commission is less than they […]

Welcome to Journey Your Way

I want to welcome you to Journey Your Way, not your average Travel Adviser website. At Journey Your Way we pride ourselves in offering fully customized, detailed, and seamless vacation itineraries – ensuring you have an amazing experience from your first interaction with us, all the way through until you return home. We are a […]